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BluOS Becomes a Member of the KNX Association

BluOS, the leading premium distributed audio and music management platform, is pleased to announce its membership with the KNX Association, a technology for smart and connected home solutions. KNX integrators and custom installers can now specify a wide range of BluOS. Enabled products from NAD Electronics and Bluesound wireless multi-room players into KNX projects via an intermediary device. All BluOS Enabled devices feature the latest in audio technology, offering networked 24-bit streaming audio that fits any combination of use cases, including sturdy rack-mounted, traditional audiophile, and “modern music lover” hardware options.

“We are very excited to join a community as active and vibrant in the custom installation space as the KNX community,” says Joe de Jesus, Custom Installation Product Manager for Lenbrook International, the developer of BluOS. “We hope the community is going to appreciate BluOS for its versatility and conflict-free ease-of-use, not to mention the increased revenue potential that audiophile-quality solutions can potentially offer. The KNX platform is widely regarded as a reference in home and building control system architecture and is endlessly flexible,” says Andrew Haines, BluOS Product Manager. “BluOS joining the KNX community brings together the benefits of these two”

About BluOS

BluOSTM is a premium multi-room audio ecosystem that manages stored and cloud music sources and playback, with support for high-resolution audio streams up to 24/192. Adopted by some of the most renowned hifi audio brands and integrated with numerous smarthome control systems, BluOS allows for interoperability among enabled devices across brands for maximum versatility and use cases. Integrations with popular streaming music services like Tidal, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer, as well as featuring support for FLAC, WAV, MQA, and other high resolution formats and codecs, BluOS offers virtually unlimited access to music of all genres for any occasion. Made up of an operating system and a control application for smart phones, tablets, and PC desktops, BluOS is the ultimate choice for the modern audiophile. For more information visit

About Lenbrook International

Lenbrook International, a subsidiary of the Lenbrook Group of Companies, is the owner and manufacturer of award-winning brands for home audio and residential install applications. Its full suite of products from NAD Electronics, PSB Speakers, and Bluesound wireless multi-room players, are distributed in over 80 countries, while its BluOS hi-res distributed audio platform continues to be adopted by some of the world’s leading premium audio brands. For more information visit

About KNX

KNX is the leading technology for home and building automation systems, and has been on the market for almost 30 years. The beauty of KNX is its integration: all KNX devices work together, regardless of manufacturer. This allows the implementation of whatever solution for your smart home you can imagine – there are no boundaries for making a home or building smart when you use KNX. In short, KNX combines all possible solutions, with an unlimited choice of products of more than 450 manufacturers, into one simple, connected and secure smart home or building. For more information visit

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